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Core Team


Jianxiong Li
Jianxiong Li

Jianxiong Li, executive director of Hubei Innerse Biotechnology Co., Ltd., special expert of Hubei Province, PhD from Simon Fraser University in Canada. He is the primary inventor of the world's first psoriasis drug Benvimod and the innovative immune-modulating drug INP1001. He established a small peptide development platform and the new drug development and industrialization platform based on drug green chemistry.

Wang Hai
Wang Hai

Wang Hai, Bachelor of Chemistry, Wuhan University, Director of Research. He has served as the director of the Engineering Center of Hubei Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute for a long time. He has rich practical experience in the structure-activity synthesis of small-molecule chemicals. He is mainly responsible for the company's medicinal chemistry and green process development projects and focus on the commissioned projects of Wuhan Innerse Pharmaceutical and other commissioned projects.

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